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On-line Natural Cosmetics Course

Learn from your home and at your own pace!

We will provide you with good teaching materials and an experienced teacher to answer questions and teach you how to formulate and make good natural cosmetics.

The virtual classroom contains many notes and videos.

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Many articles, formulas and information on natural cosmetics.



Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

In this workshop you will learn to formulate different revitalizing creams and serums to firm, protect and repair mature skin.

Have a great day with friends making your own natural cosmetics!

Practical Course of Natural Cosmetics

You will practice the whole process “from the plant to the cosmetic”

You will know how to make a line of cosmetics on a small scale (facial cleansers, micellar waters, toners, facial and body creams and milks, gels, masks, ointments …)

You will learn to formulate your own cosmetics.

Courses and workshops on natural cosmetics

Attendance Courses

de Cosmética Natural

You will perform the entire process from the plant to the cosmetic.

You’ll learn to think like a formulator.

You’ll make the cosmetics from scratch.

No ready-made bases.

You will carry out comparative studies between different ingredients and learn how to analyze the results to improve your formulas.

On-Line Courses

de Cosmética Natural

Learn at home and at your own pace!

We will provide you with excellent teaching material.

A teacher will be available to answer your questions.

You will learn to formulate and elaborate fine natural cosmetics.

The virtual classroom contains many notes and videos available to you.


de Cosmética Natural

If you want to start making natural cosmetics, a short workshop might be a good way to start.

These are one-day workshops in which, in addition to some cosmetics, you can take a lot of good ideas.

This is a fantastic way to spend a day with some friends making your own cosmetics.

Practical Course on Natural Cosmetics

February 2019

About of Institute

25 years teaching natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

We make good cosmetics with biological ingredients allowed by ECOCERT

We want to teach you how to make them too, even if you have little knowledge of how to do so at this time.

Interest is enough to get you started.

Opinions  of our students

“Great weekend doing the Dermocosmetics course practice. A dream environment with wonderful people and directed by Cristobal, a great source of wisdom and infinite patience. Thank you very much”.

- Alicia Sevillano -

“Thanks to the European Institute of Dermocosmetics, thank you Cristobal for sharing your knowledge with us and making those three days unforgettable. Thanks to all the colleagues who were on the course, they were the best. A thousand thanks to all of you”.

- María Camino Bonafe -

The opinion of de Laura Lazauskien



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