After 30 years running courses on natural cosmetics, the European Institute of Dermocosmetics has set up this project so that people with no previous experience can safely use cannabis for medical purposes.

The Cannabis Spa Project

We will certainly agree on the need for legalization of cannabis for medical use.

We at the Institute are working to bring cannabis to Spas and Wellness Centres.

It is proven that stress is at the origin of many illnesses which are currently treated with cannabis, such as fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and cancer.

The best places to eliminate stress are Spas and so we have designed effective treatments with cannabis as a means of preventing it.

Everyone involved in the medical use of cannabis knows about different methods of extracting the alkaloids. They know how to prepare oils, tinctures and ointments to be administered with vaporizers, or taken with food and drinks. But few know how to make cosmetics to administer them through the skin.

We at the European Institute of Dermocosmetics can teach how to do this.

We are working so that some Spas (in the states where cannabis is legal) can become dispensaries where body treatments with cannabis cosmetic products are performed.

The Institute of Dermocosmetics is making an original contribution to the development of medical cannabis. The Institute has manufactured simple devices designed to obtain all kinds of extracts and distillates of cannabis with pharmaceutical quality.

It has also created the COMPLETE COURSE OF CANNABIC COSMETICS to teach how to make cannabis cosmetics and body treatments to be applied at home or at a professional level.

Our Cannabis Cosmetic Courses

Learn how to make pharmaceutical-grade cannabis cosmetics with us.

Cannabis Cosmetics Course

On-line course

It features a 350-page book, 200 formulas and 15 videos so you can take advantage of the medicinal and cosmetic properties of cannabis.

Practical Course of Cannabis Cosmetics

On-site course

Attend our laboratory for three days and learn how to handle the material and the techniques for making cannabic cosmetics.

All training is done with cannabis varieties with CBD, no THC.

You will learn how to formulate your cosmetics and design a line of natural cannabis cosmetics.


The Institute of Dermocosmetics has designed these kits for obtaining cannabis extracts with oil, alcohol and by distillation.
The extracts, essence and hydrolats obtained are incorporated into all cannabic cosmetic formulas.

Cannabis Destiller

A still specially designed by the European Institute of Dermocosmetics to enable you to obtain essential oil and cannabis hydrolats.

With this device you can also obtain hydrolats from any plant, distilled aromatic waters, elixirs, liquors and spirits of all kinds.


(thc percolator)

Designed by the European Institute of Dermocosmetics, in order to obtain all kinds of cannabis extracts with pharmaceutical quality.


(THC Percolator + Cannabic Cosmetic Kit)

Double kit for obtaining extracts and preparing cannabis cosmetics.

It features the KAYA 1 THC EXTRACTOR and a collection of essential oils, plants and extracts.


This device has been designed for the complete extraction of cannabinoids from marihuana.

It consists of a modified Soxhlet with everything needed to easily and safely perform the extraction process.


This kit consists of a portable case with a selection of essences, medicinal plant extracts, oils, cream bases, shampoos and gels to make a variety of cannabic cosmetic products.

Would you like to learn how to make all kinds of natural cosmetics?

Course of Natural Cosmetics by the European Institute of Dermocosmetics.




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