The Community of the European Institute of Dermocosmetics

From the Institute we try to create a community of professionals in the sector to support each other, and together, grow in the world of artisanal and alternative natural cosmetics.

Our community

Bringing together professionals and all those interested in the natural cosmetics sector is our goal, all in order to share knowledge, support each other, and ultimately help each other so that natural cosmetics reach their proper position.

From the Institute you will be able to maintain contact with other people, who like you, love the world of natural cosmetics.

Do not hesitate, come and meet us.

Do you like natural cosmetics but don’t know where to start?

At the Institute we have all the necessary tools to get you started in the world of natural cosmetics, and over time, give way to professionalism.

If you like natural cosmetics, stop by our courses and enter this wonderful world.

A growing Community

The world of Natural Cosmetics is ever wider, more and more people are interested in cosmetics created in an artisan, ecological and chemical-free way.
Learning to make your own cosmetics yourself is a practice that you are passionate about, creating an ever-growing community of experts.


Our students

Are you passionate about natural cosmetics? Would you like to create your own cosmetics? Are you committed to the environment? Would you ever be interested in creating your own line of natural products?

Then at the European Institute of Dermocosmetics we can help you!

These are some of the characteristics that define our students. If you also share them, come! the Institute is your place.

Happy students


Thank you very much for this course, for the professionalism, for the large amount of knowledge and so well structured that you have transmitted to us, for the quality of the teaching and the facilities, for having given us the opportunity to meet 12 incredible people with whom to share the passion for this world, for your simplicity, for the thousands of motivating comments to continue each of us with our projects, in short, a thousand thanks for everything.

I am sure we will meet again soon.

Thanks Cristóbal.

- Carolina -

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