Evaluations and diplomas


We certify your professional training as a TECHNICIAN IN NATURAL COSMETICS.


The structure of our training is similar to the that of open courses at the University. You will receive a theoretical syllabus closely linked to the practical classes.

The instructor will adapt to your learning pace and assess your progress during the course. Once you learn how to formulate and elaborate cosmetics, you will receive your graduation diploma.


The purpose of evaluations is to check whether you have achieved your final objectives. The evaluation consists of your making your own formulas so that the teacher can supervise them and then correct them for you. When no major corrections are required, you may graduate.

You have proved that you know how to formulate and know the methods of making natural cosmetics.

You can now make your own cosmetics and create your own brand

Course graduation and diploma

When you graduate as a NATURAL COSMETICS TECHNICIAN you are already part of

the community of formulators of the European Institute of Dermocosmetics.

You will then have the opportunity to participate in the internal forum and share your experiences as well as get access to course updates.

The diplomas accredit your skills towards working in cosmetic laboratories and they raise your professional standards.

The Institute of Dermocosmetics is ISO 9001 certified for the control of quality by SGS international agency.

The Institute’s diplomas are officially recognized by APTN – COFENAT.

Courses and workshops on natural cosmetics

Attendance Courses

de Cosmética Natural

You will perform the entire process from the plant to the cosmetic.

You’ll learn to think like a formulator.

You’ll make the cosmetics from scratch.

No ready-made bases.

You will carry out comparative studies between different ingredients and learn how to analyze the results to improve your formulas.

On-Line Courses

de Cosmética Natural

Learn at home and at your own pace!

We will provide you with excellent teaching material.

A teacher will be available to answer your questions.

You will learn to formulate and elaborate fine natural cosmetics.

The virtual classroom contains many notes and videos available to you.


de Cosmética Natural

If you want to start making natural cosmetics, a short workshop might be a good way to start.

These are one-day workshops in which, in addition to some cosmetics, you can take a lot of good ideas.

This is a fantastic way to spend a day with some friends making your own cosmetics.

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