Courses and workshops of natural cosmetics

Learn to formulate and make your cosmetics from scratch.
Design your own brand.

Cosmetica natural

attendance courses

Immerse yourself in a cosmetic laboratory environment with all the necessary materials and ingredients.

Make your natural cosmetics from scratch.

In these courses you will work as a team in the research and development of your cosmetic line.

You will make your cosmetics and share them with the group to compare textures and sensations on the skin.

You will learn to handle the material to test the methods of making cosmetics.

When you attend the face-to-face course you acquire the necessary security to continue on your own and learn by yourself.

Practical course
Natural cosmetics


You will practice the whole process “from the plant to the cosmetic”.

You will know how to elaborate on a small scale a line of cosmetics (facial cleansers, micellar waters, toners, facial and body creams and milks, gels, masks, ointments …).

You will learn to formulate your own cosmetics.


Practical course on solid vegan cosmetics and makeup


You will hone your skills and good crafting practices.

You will delve into the formulation and elaboration of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, baby cosmetics, shaving soaps, makeup removers, makeup funds, eyeshadow …

You will gain confidence to continue formulating new products and learn for yourself.


Intensive Practices of Natural Cosmetics


In this six-day intensive course in the Herbaviva laboratory you will become an expert formulator.

You will practice the formulation and elaboration of a complete line of natural cosmetics.

Facial cleansers, micellar waters, toners, facial and body creams and milks, gels, masks, ointments, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, baby cosmetics, shaving soaps, makeup removers, makeup funds, eyeshadow …

After this course you can train as a teacher in natural cosmetics at the Institute of Dermocosmetics.

Practical course of natural cosmetics in Madrid and Barcelona

You will learn how to make tonics, creams, milks, gels, ointments, shampoos for hygiene and body care by yourself.

You will make natural cosmetics for skin care and treatment: oils, creams, gels, ointments, masks, tonics, shampoos and bath gels.

You will have at your disposal all the necessary material to carry out each practice individually.

You will learn how to make your own line of natural cosmetics.

On-Line Courses
in Natural Cosmetics

This is the first step in learning to formulate, start at home, at your own pace.

You will have the help of a teacher and you will work with the course material (books, videos) so that you know the techniques, utensils and ingredients to make cosmetics from natural products.

The teacher will teach you how to formulate and you can make cosmetics at home.

In order for you to acquire the necessary materials, we will provide you with a list of cosmetic ingredient suppliers that ship at home.

Acceso al aula virtual

When you register for one of our Natural Cosmetics courses, you will receive a password to access the virtual classroom. This is a personal password. When you enter the virtual classroom, the courses you have enrolled in will be displayed.

Choose the course you want to register for, and you will have access to all the teaching materials.

Finally, select the topics and videos you want to open. Take it easy and enjoy it all.


The Aula Virtual. Instituto de Dermocosmética from your home

Cannabis Spa

In this course you will learn how to elaborate cannabis cosmetics from scratch.

The course material includes a 350-page book with 200 formulas and 15 practice videos.

A personal teacher will be available for you.

On-line Natural Cosmetics Course

Learn how to formulate and elaborate natural cosmetics at home with the help of a personal tutor.

We will teach you how to elaborate cosmetics from scratch.

It is compulsory to take this course in order to have access to the practical courses.



Course on the Elaboration of Natural Creams and Milks

We will teach you how to make all kinds of creams and lotions at home with the best natural ingredients.

No pre-made bases.

Elaboration of Shampoos and Natural Bath Gels

You will learn how to formulate shampoos and bath gels with aromatherapy essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and active ingredients so that you can personalize the products according to your hair and skin type.

Preparation of Body Oils, Lip Ointments and Treatment Ointments

Learn how to produce oils and ointments for different skin types.

Create your own line of massage products.

Elaboration of Body Gels, Tonics and Facial Masks

This course is fundamental in order to be able to elaborate the most frequently used products for cabin treatments in aesthetics and spa.

You will learn how to elaborate regenerating facial and body products.

Natural Cosmetics Workshops

These workshops have little theory and a lot of practice.

It is the best way to start making your cosmetics.

You will elaborate some habitual cosmetics and you will learn to take care of your skin.

They are ideal to spend a day with friends making cosmetics that you will use at home.


Apiculture Cosmetics Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about the wonderful cosmetic properties of honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

Obtaining essences and extracts for cosmetics

Learn how to obtain the extracts and essences to use in making cosmetics.

Solar Cosmetics Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to make natural cosmetic products to protect your skin from the sun.

Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to formulate different revitalizing creams and serums to firm, protect and repair mature skin.

All our courses include:

  • Access to the Virtual Classroom.
  • Teacher support.
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Access to a multitude of recipes and tutorials.
  • Contact with the Institute community.
  • Constant information about the world of natural cosmetics.

What our students say

Great weekend doing the dermocosmetic course practice. A dream environment with wonderful people and directed by Cristobal, a great source of wisdom and infinite patience. Thank you very much

- Alicia Sevillano -

A thousand thanks for this course, for the professionalism, for the great amount of well-structured knowledge that you have transmitted to us, for the quality of the teaching and the facilities, for having given us the opportunity to meet 12 incredible people with whom to share the passion for this world, for your simplicity, for the thousands of motivating comments to continue each one with our projects, in short, a thousand thanks for everything. I am sure we will meet again soon.

- María Camino Bonafe -

Sandra Serrano opinion


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